Hi Dale and Jim, I participated for the first time in last Saturday’s Moorpanyal Swim. Can you please pass on to the committee and everyone that helped out, what an outstanding job they did in organising the event. From free entry to cool drinks (on ice!!), the perfect snags and lollies and the lucky prizes. Thankyou!! Well done and keep up the good work.

Thanks for this Dale and thanks again for organizing the day. We were very pleased to be able to send a squad.

Dale, congratulations once again on organising such a great event especially considering your less-than-perfect health at present. We were again honoured to have the Russell Lee trophy awarded in Russell’s honour. He would have been ecstatic! Chris was very pleased with his swim, and enjoyed the event. The write-up in the paper is good too. Thanks again and best wishes.

Thanks Dale- I had a great day. Many thanks for another very well organised and enjoyable morning. The excellent weather conditions that you provided was an added bonus. Hope you’re keeping well.

Dale, Well done yet again. Many thanks.